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Does my swimmer have to try out?

We do not have try outs. However, we do have new swimmer evaluations to ensure your swimmer is ready for the rigors of swim team.  Swim team is not a replacement for swim lessons.  Basic requirement is the ability to swim one length of the pool of freestyle without stopping.  New swimmers are accepted based on availability in each age group.  Experience with all 4 strokes, motivation, coach-ability, and a positive attitude are a plus!  

What time are practices?
Practice times vary depending on age and ability. From April to June, practice is held in the afternoons from roughly 4-9 pm Monday through Friday. June practices move to the morning and run roughly from 8-12:30 pm Monday through Friday. Practice can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one and a half hours.

What items will I be required to provide for my swimmer?
A team suit and swim cap must be purchased and worn to all swim meets. Your child will also need at least one practice suit, goggles, and swim fins.

How much of a commitment is the swim team?
The swim team is a family commitment. Each family has 1 to 2 jobs at every swim meet, as well as volunteer jobs through out the season. Practice is held every day, Monday through Friday.  Good attendance at practice is the best indicator of how well your swimmer will do.  Please see our handbook for specific requirements regarding practice attendance. Swim meets are held every Saturday from June to July (with one bye in June and one around 4th of July).

How do I sign up?
Registration happens once a year.  You start by registering online.  Then you drop off your completed registration paperwork and fees at Registration Night.  Registration is typically held in February.  Please check the website for exact dates and times.

How much does it cost?
For Chabot Swim Club Members the cost for one swimmer is $250.00 and for non-Chabot Swim Club Members the cost for one swimmer is $400.00. Sibling discount(s) are also available, as well as reduced fees for High School swimmers participating on their school swim team. Please contact us at [email protected]il.com for pricing of your specific situation.

Should I wait to see if there is room before I register? 
No.  Sign up at Registration. We'll hold your check and notify you if there is room. In the event that there is no room, we will return your check. 

How can I increase my chances of being accepted to the Marlins? 
Have your child take swim lessons in all 4 strokes.  We highly recommend American Swim Academy, H.A.R.D., and East Bay Bat Rays clinics and lessons.
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