Practice schedule for Champs week

    Practice this week Monday - Thursday by age groups (NO Dry Land practice)

    8:00-9:00 (15-18)
    9:00-10:00 (13-14)
    10:00-10:55 (11-12)
    10:55-11:45 (9-10)
    11:45-12:55 (8&U)

    Friday morning our pool will be open from 9-11a if your swimmer wants to come by and work on some last minute tweaks. Older kids aim for the 9:00-10:00 window and youngers for the 10:00-11:00, but really just come when you can. 

    Our CHAMPS practice at the Chabot College pool will be on Friday from 2:00-3:00pm. 10&Unders will be in the shallow end in lanes 4-6; 11&Ups will be in the deep end in lanes 4-6. Our coaches may choose to break down the groups further, but 2:00-3:00pm is our window for practice. REMEMBER $3 for parking.

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